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Graphics Unlimited

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tsubeebo Ages every twenty-sixth of the Eighth month but is currently in denial of age. Left-handed, right-brained. Once an only child, now the second eldest. SR., UA&P, SDL. Officially a Marketing Communications student. Frustrated linguist, thinks in figures. Claims to be creative, but may really be not. Does not talk a lot, but thinks too much. Sings out loud, but dances in secret.
iam_sab Sab. Sabby. Sabbypotpot. Bri. Eldest of four. Smallest of six. Second of twelve. Twenteen. College senior. Management student at UA&P. Daydreams a lot. Talks too much. Laughs just right. Is loud most of the time. Frustrated singer. Frustrated writer. Bookwormish. Sleep-deprived. Is turning japanese (and likes Jun Matsumoto too much).

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